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July  1,  2003



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June 23rd-27th


While holding him at gunpoint,  Elizabeth tells Jason once and for all that Ric does not have Carly and Jason fails to get her to see the truth about Ric. Michael tells Courtney that he saw Ric drag Carly from the church. Courtney tells Sonny and Jason who then enlists Macs help in nailing Ric. Michael tells his story to Mac but not before saying that is what Jason told him to say. A frustrated Mac tells Sonny that any lawyer could have Michael's "unreliable" testimony thrown out. Meanwhile Ric and Elizabeth have their lights repaired and Elizabeth wonders what happened with the lights. Ric finds an unconscious Carly and immediately brings her to a doctor. The doctor examines Carly and tells her the baby is fine. The doctor also tells Carly that he will call Sonny and gives her "Vitamins" that make her sleep. Carly wakes up in the panic room with Alcazar. She tries to reason with him and promises Sonny will owe him a great deal for bringing her home.  At the penthouse Sonny tells Jason his plan to take Elizabeth hoping that Ric will do an exchange. Sonny later changes his mind and tells Jason he is completely lost as how to bring Carly home. Faith goes to Ric's house and the two talk about Carly's disappearance. Ric denies all of her claims that he took Carly.  Faith tells him she wants to do away with Elizabeth so he can be with her. She comes close to Ric and takes his keys out of his pocket. Faith leaves and then returns later and poisons a pitcher of lemonade that is left on the coffee table. Carly watches all of this in disbelief. Ric comes home and Carly warns him about the lemonade. Elizabeth walks in and pours herself a glass of lemonade. Ric, "locked" in the panic room does not believe Carly. Liz drinks the lemonade and collapses and Carly screams her name as Ric opens the door. Elizabeth survives the poisoning and tells Ric she remembers hearing a woman calling for help but he tells her it was the poisons effect. Ric then tells her it was Faith that poisoned the lemonade and Elizabeth wonders how much danger she's actually in. Faith stops by Ric's after he arranges a meeting. He goes to drink the lemonade and gets a confession out of her after she stops him from drinking. With Mac in back Faith is arrested. Carly again is in disbelief. Meanwhile, against Jason's advice Sonny offers Scott a plea bargain. He'll confess to all his wrongdoing and go to jail if the cops find Carly safe and sound. Scott agrees. Scott is later aggravated when the Feds come in and void his deal with Sonny. They have a new deal. Sonny must conduct business as usual and bring down Alcazar so they can incriminate Alcazar. In exchange they will use everything they have to trace Carly's whereabouts. There's a catch: Faith will be posing as his mistress!! Ric warns Alcazar to back off of a frightened Carly after he takes a lock of Carly's hair to lead police in the wrong direction (South America). Aggravated at no answers and losing his Ric theory support from Sonny and Courtney, Jason attacks Ric at GH.


Lucky is devastated over Summer's death. Lydia lets Stefan know that she figured out his real plan: that the fall was for Emily. Stefan then blackmails her into keeping quiet by telling her she will be an accessory to murder is she rats him out. Lucky helps Luke escape from a "gloating" Scott who is more than glad to charge Luke with Summer's murder.  Alexis realizes that Emily might have been the intended murder victim. Luke headed for Switzerland to locate Laura (this is Tony Geary's annual vacation. He will be back on screen in September, hopefully with Genie Francis(Laura) in tow).Lucky vows to find Summer's killer. Lucky tells Scott that Stefan is framing Luke for Summer's murder. Nikolas is enraged when he sees Stefan slap Lydia. Lydia "confesses" the truth to Nikolas and tells him how her family was forced to go along with Stefan's demand that she marry Nikolas to save both their families fortunes.  Lucky after much thought decides he believes Luke, that Luke didn't kill Summer and vows to make Scott see this. Lucky gets a tip, that Daruis was at the bluffs the night summer fell. Lucky hides behind a bush on the bluffs while Lydia and Stefan discuss Nikolas.


Lydia attempts to reunite Zander and Emily so she can have Nikolas.  Emily arrives to see Zander kissing Gia. Emily talks to Gia and tells her that she was upset by the kiss she shared with Zander. Gia then tells Emily that it was her idea that Zander be with someone else. A aggravated Gia tells Emily that she knows she is going to want Zander back after she survives this cancer. Gia later challenges Emily to tell Zander the truth about her cancer.  Emily collapses in front of Gia and Zander and she is taken to the hospital then Zander calls Nikolas. Alan and Monica ask Emily to join a support group for cancer patients at the hospital. Emily refuses but later reconsiders after Monica reminds her of how much it had helped during her own battle. As Emily walks through the door she hears two women talking about a survivor who has just been rediagnosed and Emily runs. A concerned Monica calls Nikolas who finds Emily. He then brings her back to the meeting and tells her if she doesn't go that he will tell Zander she has cancer. Emily once again walks through the door, this time introducing herself. 

compiled by Tiffany from WUB Queen

Red Letter Days!
June 27th: The "Men In Suits" arrive-Scotty's not amused.
June 30th: Emily makes a decision
July 1st: Sonny realizes the price to find Carly
July 2nd: Skye hatches a plan against Alexis
July 3rd: Opie and Courtney pack SPF 35
July 4th: Alexis is stunned as Alkazar comes closer!
July 16th: Don't faint, it's just Audrey Hardy!

Spankin' New Stuff:

Dillon gets in WAY over his fuzzy head with Alkazar!

Scott has to go to his daughter Karen's funeral. He'll be on "Port Charles" for awhile.

Jason gets arrested. Really? Again? He beats up Ric.

Emily decides to join a cancer support group

Faith gets her digs into just about everyone.

Sonny "declares" Carly's dead!

Faith takes over Club Carly!

Mike yells!

Lucky continues to look for clues to who killed Summer. He realizes the Lydia/Stefan connection.

Courtney and Opie go tropical.

Liz goes on the pill.

Alkazar gives clues that lead to South America, not to Carly.

Yep...Sonny makes a deal with the feds to work with Faith to reel in Alkazar. She and he are seen in public-kissing, canoodling and Faith even takes over the club for a bit. Sonny goes on TV and explains he thinks his wife is dead. Mike thinks Sonny's gone MAD! No one told him about the Sting Operation! In the meantime, Jason puts a tiny bug in Ric's video cam, hoping to catch him in a lie. Sonny's convinced it's Alkazar, not Ric that's taken his wife. Can Carly convince herself that Sonny and Faith are putting on a show?!

Maxie Wears Stripes!
In a true "GH" Tradition--Maxie has to Candy Stripe! I had no idea there were still candy stripers around! (no, not STRIPPERS, in volunteer!)Audrey Hardy is helping with this story. Can you believe it?


Each week we'll feature a new member to profile. It's just a simple questionare to help the group get to better know each other.

This Weeks Member Profile:
Juanita (MarcilFan1)

First Name:  Juanita

How long have you been watching GH?
forever, lol...probably over 20 years

Who is your favorite character and why? 
Sonny, because he is sexxxxxy and Maurice is a wonderful actor

What is your all time favorite storyline?
Sonny & Brenda especially the triangle with Jax

The Emmy should go to ...............Maurice always

One storyline I would like to see ..........a real Jason & Liz romance

Besides GH, what other shows do you watch?
OMG, too many...PC, Days, OLTL, Passions, AMC, Friends, ER, NYPD Blue, Third Watch


BEL's BEST and WORST! by Anabel

Here is Bel's Best & Worst for the past week.....


Best "public message":      The Breast Cancer Support Group!  What a great idea to show "real" life people going through this.....rather than just random actors!!

Best "at being Insistant":    Jason!   Wow, no matter what anyone says, Jason STILL thinks and believes that it was definitely Ric who took Carly.  And he sure does have a lot of faith in Michael too, he believes the little kid 100%.

Best hospital Patient:   Liz!!  This girl has been in the hospital so many times in the past few weeks!!!  I think she may even have Courtney beat!  LOL!

Best upcoming storyline:  Sonny & Faith working together!!  ok, boys and girls...this is gonna get preeeeetty interesting now!!  I'm so looking forward to these two interacting on my tv screen!!!  =)

Best 'in your face" scene:   Well Scott thought he finally had Sonny huh....after all these years, he thought he was gonna be putting him away for a very long time!  Not this time, Scotty!!!   You'll just have to keep trying! haha!

Best Blackmail:  It was blackmail done for a good reason though.  When Nik made Emily go into that room to join the support group...or else he said he'd tell Zander the truth!  He did it for her own good!

Best "couple"   Nik & Em.  Ok, I am slowly ( very slowly lol ) accepting them as a couple, romantically.  I think they have amazing chemistry together, and i'm looking forward to seeing where this may lead!   ( I still feel sorry for Zander though, he doesn't deserve ANY of this )

Best "shock"  Sonny finding out that Faith is his new partner!  Oh joy!  lol

Best "workout":   Zander's run in the park.  It's nice to see the characters doing everyday exercise!
But i have yet to see someone say that they are going to use the bathroom

Best "funniest" line:   Carly watching Ric and Liz making out in the living room..  "That's so disgusting!!"   lol

Best pickpocket:  Faith!!  Is she a pro or what?

Best hair:  I like when Liz puts her hair shows her facial features better as well as her neck!  she looks cute in a pony tail.

Best "funniest scene":   Zander confessing ( but just playing ) to Stefan that it was indeed him who murdered Summer.  When i heard him say.... yeah and I just tossed the hooker over the cliff.... I was just cracking up!!  lol

Best at "assuming a new personality:  Luke!!  Bye bye Tony!  Have a nice vacation!

Best fatal attraction:   How Faith really feels about Ric!!  She would do anything in her power to get with him!  I think they have great potential and chemistry to be a couple!!  I say, put them together!!


Worst Save:   Lucky helping Lydia up when she slipped.  awww, come on Lucky why did you have to go and do that for?  I mean, it's not like anyone would miss her or anything!!  ( LOL, am i mean or what? )

Worst partner:  Faith!   Umm, teaming up with Faith is not the smartest idea... although it's also pretty bad to have her as an enemy too!   It doesn't matter I guess, Faith does not care who she has to hurt or what she has to do to get what she wants.... she is totally cold-hearted. I mean you'd have to be to kill your own grandmother.

Worst "meeting place":  Ok, a lady just died from taking a BIG fall off the bluff.... now why is everyone and their mother going there to meet or talk?  Nik & Lydia, Nik & Lucky, Lucky & Lydia, Lydia & Stefan, Emily & Nik, and even Lydia & Zander.  I would stay far away from a murder scene as possible!

Worst "eavesdropping":   Lucky!!  I have noticed that lately a lot of characters on the show have been doing their share of eavesdropping!  But Lucky hiding in the bushes.... thats not too original there!

Worst dressed:  Carly.   Ok, we know for a fact now that Ric has the worst taste in ladies clothes.  Ok, it's a little better than the last horrid and drab outfit.....but it still looks pretty ugly on her!  I bet she can't wait to get back into her own nice clothes!

Worst couple:   Liz & Ric.  ok, i admit it, i really liked these two at first...I liked them a lot.  And I feel sorry for Liz...not just for being stupid but for loving a man who I can say I'm not really sure  loves her in the same way.  You don't lie to and scheme around and drug your spouse!   Atleast not where I come from!

Worst "use of violence"   Stefan slapping Lydia.  Sooooo uncalled for!!
                                           Jason losin' it at the hospital and attacking Ric!  I guess the name "anger boy" fits huh?

Worst "pity story":    Lydia practically crying out her lil story to Nik about how the guys only want her for her money and nothing else, blah blah blah!!!  We can see right through you my dear!!!

Worst "taking the chance":    Why did Ric have to wait until he saw Liz drink the lemonade, then saw her start to pass out....before he actually went out there to try and help her!!  Thats why I feel he doesn't really love her!  He didnt want to take the chance of Carly screaming or getting out.....and his own wife coulda died!!

Worst vitamins:   Remind me never to go to that doctor when I'm sick!  Wow vitamins that make you pass out, who woulda thought?  lol

Worst deal:  Sonny's deal with Scott.   I know he's desparate and everything to find his wife.... but making a deal with little Scotty Baldwin ( as Luke called him lol )  is like making a deal with the devil.

Worst boring storyline:  Ok, they decide to bring back Stefan!  hooray!  And they put him in this wacko storyline! Dumb move!!  This fine actor deserves so much better!!!

Worst "drink":   ANY drink that is there while Faith is in the same room.   Believe me.... nothing is safe!!!

Random thought:    The Island.     Don't you think it's quite funny how they just refer to it as "the island"  I mean does it even have a name?  I know it must!  It seems like such a fine and pretty place too....I wonder if I can just call the travel agency and tell them to book me a flight to "the island"    LOL!

And Bel's line of the week is:
      Faith at Sonny's penthouse...talking about Jason, while seeing him with Michael.
"There's a combination you don't see everyday....stone cold killer and devoted babysitter!!!"

Thats it for now, have a great week guys!!!!

           Bel  =)

DID YOU KNOW? by Tiffany

Tyler Christopher is currently directing a short film that will hopefully be completed by August.

Andrea CARLOTTA Pearson(Gia) lived in West Africa with her parents.

John J. York's(Mac) favorite scene of all time was when Robin told Mac she was HIV+.

Becky Hebst once guest stared on "LA Law"

Brad Maul (Tony Jones) is an old hand at playing Santa for GH's annual Christmas episode. But every year, he's careful to let the children on-set in on a little secret: During taping, Brad takes great care to explain to the kiddies, that he's not the real Santa.

Both Micky Dolenz(of the Monkee's) and his daughter Ami both appeared on GH

Linda Dano (Rae) recently shared something a bit shocking about her original stint on OLTL back in the late 1970s. "When I came onto One Life to Live, the wardrobe department got me Pampers because I used to wet my pants regularly on the show

Robin Christopher(Skye) says her husband Matt is her good luck charm!

Nancy Lee Grahn(Alexis) thinks that a good role model for today's woman is Gloria Steinem

Tava Smiley(ex Chloe)has hosted  E! shows? Wild On the Dude Ranch and Wild on Italy,


The Rumor Mill
compiled by Tiffany from WUB Queen

No word on PC people coming to GH. Does Jon L, Lynn H and Kin Shriner still have a contract rider that promises a GH return if PC goes under? According to two of my sources in the PR field, you bet they do. Speculation has it that Scottie's daughter will come over and a few of the hospital hotties. Looks like the Hospital may return after all! Maxie's going to be a Candy Stipper and even Audrey shows up. Emily Q's going to cancer groups and there's talk of a Bobbie/Tony reunion in the works. Dr Jones will be Chief of Staff when Alan retires!

Watch for an annoucement about the EP change within the near future!

I hear Georgie and Dillon may take off in a "teen run" summer fun storyline! Dillon's involvement with Alkazar may cause him to Get Outta Town!

Money's not the only reason Stefan is trying to marry off Nikolas!

Skye and Ned will wed in August....with Kristina dressed all in white!

AJ (played by Billy Warlock) will get a new love/storyline in the fall. No word on the story yet.

Skye and Ned hear wedding bells in early August!

Georgie or Maxie will have to deal with a teen pregnancy scare--and so will Mac!

Recasting Felicia? Not sure, but don't rule it out. I'm hearing KW may be lured back if management changes are made!

Gossip...and Rumors


GH TRIVIA! by Lisa
5 points for each correct question! The person with the most correct questions for the week will receive the GHFS Weekly Trivia Award and your name will be posted on the site as the winner.   Answers will be in next weeks newsletter
Good Luck!

1.) Name Lucy's pet Duck and the person who gave it to her.
2.) During the September 16th episode what song played as Sonny saw true love Brenda was alive.?
3.) What is the name of the GH opening theme?
4.) True or False? GH has always been a one hour television show
5.) Name 5 of Sonny's 'employees' (past or present) 5 points each for 6 or more.

1.) 1963
2.)  2 - Sarah Brown and Tamara Braun
3.) Monica is a Cardiologist while Tony is a Neurologist
4.) Wally Kurth and Rena Sofer (Ned and Lois) Jack and Kristina Wagner (Frisco and Felicia)
5.) William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

The following submitted entries and all got them correct!! Way to go!
(these points will be added to your score for your answers to the next Trivia)

Sek74   = 20 points
LMS260000 = 20 points
Froggy1708 = 20 points
MarcilFan1 = 20 points
Purplscoobeez =20 points
JoJoCorinthos = 20 points
ShootingStar767 =20 points

The object of this game is to be the most creative. Look at the picture. Try to imagine what is going on and being said in the picture. The person with the most creative story wins 10 points towards their score and has their name listed as the winner in the next newsletter and on the webpage.


Just Print and Have Fun!
Answers will be in next weeks newsletter!
Good Luck!




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