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General Hospital Fan Society
Group Information and Application


Group Information and Application
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As a member of GHFS you'll be able to join in a  A+ discussion group. For 6 years the discussion group has covered everything from Brenda driving off a cliff  to Jason saving Courtney from Ric. Some original members are still apart of the group.  GHFS discussion group is a place where you can discuss GH and know that while your opinions might not always be agreed with they will be accepted. The discussion group is a great place to make friends and to learn about GH's upcoming spoilers. So what are you waiting for? Sign Up and start discussing the best show on daytime!!!


Just Click the Link at the bottom of the page and cut and paste this questionaire

General Hospital Fan Society Application

(please answer all questions)

First Name:


Tell me a little about yourself.

Why would you like to be a member of GHFS?

How long have you been watching GH?

The disucssion group contains a lot of e-mail from other people stating their opinions and views on GH and new members should be prepared to handle a somewhat large amount of mail.  If you request to be taken off the discussion list it may take a little time for the mail to stop. Will the above be a problem for you?

Many members have strong opinions on various issues.  If you are joining the discussion group would you be able to accept even without agreeing to other peoples opinions?

If you have answered the above question as yes, do you understand that inappropriate comments and discussion such as vulgarity or harassment against another member may result in termination of membership and/or a TOS violation.

That's it!!! Your application will be reviewed and you will get notice with in 48 hours.

Thank You!